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Lawyer's Creed
At the Morton Law Firm, we pride ourselves on providing personal service to each client.  We truly believe that the practice of law is a calling, and that lawyers should never forget that the nature of their work is in service to others--their clients.  Because the Lawyer's Creed embodies these ideas,  we decided that it would be appropriate to devote a separate page of our website to communicating the creed to potential clients and others who may visit. 

At the Morton Law Firm, we have adopted the Lawyer's Creed as our operational philosophy.

A Lawyer's Creed

To my clients, I offer faithfulness, competence, diligence, and good judgment. I will strive to represent you as I would want to be represented and to be worthy of your trust.

To the opposing parties and their counsel, I offer fairness, integrity, and civility. I will seek reconciliation and, if we fail, I will strive to make our dispute a dignified one.

To the courts, and other tribunals, and to those who assist them, I offer respect, candor, and courtesy. I will strive to do honor to the search for justice.

To my colleagues in the practice of law, I offer concern for your welfare. I will strive to make our association a professional friendship.

To the profession, I offer assistance. I will strive to keep our business a profession and our profession a calling in the spirit of public service.

To the public and our systems of justice, I offer service. I will strive to improve the law and our legal system, to make the law and our legal system available to all, and to seek the common good through the representation of my clients.

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